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90210 Review: Trust Falls

I really think 90210 is stepping up it up this year and I like how the show is forcing the characters to fave their fears and acknowledge their shortcomings so they can grow.. Ades dance was very sexy and she should just break it off with Dixon cuz they've been growing apart for awhile now..I felt so bad for Max and Naomi I know she shudve told him but I can empathize with her as to y she didn't.. Also thank god Liam is realizing how much of a pussycat he's become

90210 Review: The Pretenders

First off I love love love Max and Naomi together! They are hot passionate loving and just plain great as husband and wife.. They've really matured and ate really trying to do the right things.. As soon as Alex said the brothers name again to Naomi and she cut him off saying business men wud respond to an "elegant party" I just knew that these video dweebs were gunna be laid back peeps.. Alex is still shady cuz he shudve told her that

Colton Haynes to Exit Teen Wolf?

I really hope this isn't true Colton was the second best thing about teen wolf after stiles.. There is so much more to be gleaned from his storyline too