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Once Upon a Time Review: True Love Isn't Easy

So after some googling, the name that kept popping up was Wayne C. Booth, a literary critic of fiction. An excerpt from his book states "However impersonal he may try to be, his readers will inevitably construct a picture of the official scribe who writes in this manner -- and of course that official scribe will never be neutral toward all values. Our reaction to his various commitments, secret or overt, will help to determine our response to the work." Maybe August W. Booth is only an allusion to the idea that we're only seeing one side of Storybrooke and this new stranger is going to show us a different side? It's all just speculation of course since this show comes from the creators of Lost.

Lost Girl Review: It's a Fae World!

I love this show. I've been watching it while it's been airing in Canada, so to have it air here is amazing! It's an awesome show that really combines humor and drama in a way that most shows don't anymore. Kenzi is my absolute favorite aside from Bo and her witty lines just get better as the show goes on. I hope the ratings keep going up because season 2 has been amazing so far and it would be a shame if it didn't air in the U.S.


Well, since Patrick Dempsey is only going to be in a few episodes next season, Zola had to be brought back. He's gonna be the stay at home dad.

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