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Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

I've been though what Castle just did: coping with an adult daughter's choices that you believe the outcome will be painful for her. Alexis' pouting and posturing aside, she has a point: Castle needs to accept her choices. He doesn't ever have to LIKE them, but he does have to respect her right to MAKE them.

Castle Round Table: "Valkyrie"

Yes/No/Not Yet? After the finale, I made two predictions: 1. She'd say "yes" (correct), and 2. She'd turn down the job ( far!). I wanted her to accept the proposal, and decline the job, so she could do something she's never done: prioritize a relationship.
Alexis' boyfriend: Castle has the daughter any parent would love to have. I think he can trust Alexis' instincts here, while still maintaining a watchful eye.
Kate's level of upset? In keeping with Beckett's selfish tendencies, her being upset was directed primarily as to how Castle's actions affected her status with the Feebs. So, I'd say it was at the right level.

Castle Round Table: "Valkyrie"

Work/life partnership affected? In Jim's comments, he makes a great observation: If they don't work together, it's not much fun for us fans, as "we won't have much to watch." As I said earlier, if she stays with the FBI (and I have doubts that she will), the show becomes 24...and, I've already seen that. Could Marlowe & Co. make this work? long as she's based in New York.
Time Jump: The party Castle must have thrown for Kate as she packed for D.C.! I bet even Capt. Gates had a good time...and it would have made up for the UNFORGIVABLE CRIME of Lanie's absence from the season premiere!
Favorite Scene: The first five minutes, of course. That entire Tracy-Hepburn exchange that we've all come to love was worth the anguish I had to endure this summer!

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