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Forwood is ALL about Sex ? WHAT THE HELL ? Ok, I like Joseph Morgan, but turning Klaus into a sudden puppy for Caroline it sucks. This gross and odd. Tyler is the ONE for Caroline : he broke his bones to be with his girlfriend = this is love. He was a douche, be became a Man for her. He would have died for her. Your arguments saying Tyler's not being worthy (i.e. : not stable, douche - he's no longer a douche-....) for Caroline are Not Valid ! Why Caroline will never fall for Klaus ? 1. Mass murderer 2. Manipulator 3. No compassion 4. Messed up with everyone in Mystic Falls 5. Acting like 3 year-old kid to get what he wants. If you want Klaroline, it's only on fanfiction, not on the tv show. Klaroline will never happen on TV.


Klaroline WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Deal with that. Caroline will always love Tyler.


I think Eric/Sookie reunion won't be romantic, just "frienship". I think Bill will kill someone close to Eric and Sookie, or it's Nora, or it's Jessica (which I don't hope). I really love Tara's look to Nora, she suspects something about her. I think Eric, Tara and Nora are looking at Sookie. In my opinion, Jason or Eric kills Russell just in time to save Sookie. And I hope Eric knows something about Warlow!

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What do you like about tvd?

Oops, I forgot one important thing in one of the things I love a lot on TVD :

-Tyler Lockwood! My fav hybrid

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What do you like about tvd?

What I like about TVD :




-origins of vampires



What I don't like about TVD :


-Klaus (from sociopath to obsessed puppy, sorry, I just can't)


-love triangles

-odd twists

-no continuity

-interesting characters dead or gone

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OT: Teen Wolf

Honestly, with the latest Vampire Diaries-not so good twists-, I'm glad discovered Teen Wolf. I really love the directing, the characters (I didn't like Scott at start, same for Jackson, but now I love them with Derek, Stiles, Chris Argent, Kate Argent), the humor (to my mind, there is not enough humor in TVD) and most of all, the twists !

Even relationships are really well written : i.e. Jackson/Lydia.

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