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Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

This episode rocked! My favorite scenes were all Christina on the field. Her lines, her gestures and the drinking from the flask hidden in the glove were hilarious! Lexie was great too. @uklass- Alex feared that the integrity of the hospital would be compromised, and he's right if you noticed what the chief from Seattle Pres. said. It's the FDA that makes the call about what happens with the trials. Alex feared the worst case scenario that the entire hospital could be blacklisted but in the end the FDA decided to suspend Derek as principal investigator and Webber. I'm not sure if the show specified whether Mer is off the hook with the FDA after Webber "confessed" but if she is it could just be they let her work on it without being credited for her work on paper.
Mer only got away with it because of Webber's protection but you're right it's ironic. In real life I've seen professors pass blame to a student for their mistakes.


5 out of 5!