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They need to keep Enzo. They always kill off the new interesting characters instead of giving them a chance. I am tired of the love triangle. I get that the show is centered around Elana but it's old and played. I only kept with this show because I have hopes that season 6 will recharge the show. It is as if when the Original's started all the flare of Vampire Diaries once had died.

Glee Review: The Hardest Word

I was expecting a sad episode, but for some reason this hit home with me. I bawled from seasons of love to the end with Mr. Shue. I haven't watched Glee in a while but wanted to catch this episode. When I heard of Cory's death I wasn't truly affected. However seeing the people he left behind grieve in such a public way was heartbreaking. It caused fear in me about the day I loose someone. Their performances were spectacular based on their real anguish. I am not a crier. It takes a lot to get my tear ducts working, but this had them going from the start to finish. I am glad I watched it alone. Will I watch next week, can't say. But this episode felt right. Sometimes death needs to have a moment for those left behind as well as those who have passed.

Elementary Season 1 Report Card: A

I didn't expect much from this show when it first aired but gave it a shot. I ended up loving it. I love how they are portrayed, and the dynamic of the female to male interaction. I do not however want them together. I feel as if they are more like siblings, but who knows that may change over the seasons.