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Scandal Review: Sex, Lies and Videotape

I'm confused or missing something. Who is Bienamie Joseph? Or is that a combination of names? Mellie is played by Bellamy Young. Admittedly I watch TV while doing something else - usually computer work, because there is nothing compelling in the plots or characters. I started watching Scandal because it was about DC and the goings on and cover-ups and Olivia resolving the issues. Now it has become nothing more than a nighttime soap opera. Get with it Shonda, et al and get back to the core of the show. If it continues along this vein, it's so long for me.

NCIS: Watch Season 11 Episode 15 Online

The spark is missing. Ziva added some energy and the repartee between Tony and Ziva isn't there with Bishop. I know Cote isn't returning (although I wish she were), so casting needs to get some with the spark and zip to bring life to the team. Maybe it's true. A show is carried by the actors not just the writers. Time to say good-bye.


I only watched the last two episodes and found that Juan Pablo is shallow, not very bright, and Andi is right, he doesn't get it, and he is a jerk. His "it's okay" is annoying and just proves he has no communication skills and doesn't connect to others. It's a wonder more women didn't leave early. He's almost an embarrassment.

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