I am die hard Supernatural fan that follows the show blindly and practically worships ever aspect of the show.  I am and will always be a Dean girl but I have no problem with Sam at all.  I also try to get away from the whole Dean girl/Sam girl fangirling since it usually makes my head hurt.  In fact, any complaint whatsoever about Supernatural makes my head hurt.  Shows how much of fangirl I actually am, doesn't it?  Long story short, any complaints about  the greatest TV show in the world give me a headache.  I wish I said that earlier.  I'm also going to add what I believe is a very insigtful comment that my friends made about Supernatural regarding the Dean girl/Sam girl war.  "The show is about Dean, but Sam gets more attention."  That comment may be way off track but I thought it was pretty good.  Or it may just be the other way around.  You know what? I really don't know.    
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Supernatural Round Table: "Bitten"

Such negativity. Is it that hard to keep an open mind nowadays? I honestly didn't think this was a bad episode. I mean, I did think they should've aired this episode during a different point in the season. But seriously, it wasn't that bad.


Supernatural. Enough said.


Wow. I didn't think it was possible for me to be even more exited about Season 8. The wait is killing me!

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