You ever notice the more you try to avoid somebody the hotter she looks?

I'm having Jamie flashbacks. She's still stalking me. Every time I see her it's like she's lost more of her marbles and I half think they're falling into her bra, I swear to God.

My foot's asleep. A cop can’t walk around with one foot asleep.

Chris: It's not like I'm some junkie criminal.
Dov: No, you're a cop.

Chris: I wish I could be more like you.
Gail: That goes without saying.

Chris: Top or bottom?
Dov: Don't ever ask me that again.

Chris: So I should be selfish like you.
Dov: Not selfish just not spineless. It's OK to do things that make you happy.

Whatever the DNA test says, Christian is our son. The only thing that matters now is bringing him home.

I've been around long enough to know that they're all bad days, at least for somebody.

This whole vow of celibacy has turned you in to a bit of a grouch.

Chris: I feel like someone's breaking up the band.
Gail: Now that's just silly because we're not a band. But if we were, I would be Yoko. So you all should be celebrating.

This is it man. This is the job.

Rookie Blue Quotes

You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

I couldn't care less if princess here is a little shaken up by the questions.