Getting the mayor... alone... that didn't strike you as *strange*?

Sonja Percy

[having just arrested a suspect in front of a crowd of drunken Mardi Gras revelers] We'll be here every Tuesday night! Happy Mardi Gras!


Douglas Hamilton: People like to talk to me. They tell me a lot of things. How do you think I became mayor?
Pride: The other candidate was flooding your district with *drugs*!

Brad Curry: What makes you think this isn't about your guy?
LaSalle: Well, we can debate character later.

[on being kidnapped] I'd just like to go on record and say this is NOT my kind of party.

Douglas Hamilton

I haven't broken into anywhere since my dorm room.


Alison: You're donating your eggs?
Emily: I'm such a jerk.

Ok, did I just let sara Harvey trick me into trashing every room in my mother's home?


Hanna the police haven't come knocking with a warrant. The only person who suspects that drive is in this house, is you.


Maggie: He came here to die.
Sarah: Really?
Maggie: People do that sometimes. They sense they're at the end and they just want to die in a clean bed.

Sharon [about Dewey]: When he realized the seriousness of his condition, he decided to find someone he could teach. Someone who had the ability to do what he does.
Connor: So what do I have that all the other surgeons in this place don't?
Sharon: He saw something. You'll have to ask him when he wakes up.

Will: I don't dismiss you.
Natalie: Yes, you do. And not just today. All the time. Look, things can't just always be on your terms, Will. I'm tired of this.