Claire: You and I, we shared the same dream. A better life in Vega. And I gave you so many chances to join me, but you just lied and betrayed me.
Zoe: You're going to put this on me? As if it's my fault? I didn't betray you.
Claire: My baby is gone. And now I have to fight a war without mercy.

Everything you fought so hard to build is disintegrating, while you're here dying unnecessarily a thousand miles away. A dyad can help Claire to save the city. Especially with a New Delphi army and me at his side. Unlike the 8-balls, your term not mine, the higher angel shares control of the body with the human soul. Symbiosis not destruction.


I was at my lowest point. Blinded by the sun. Skin peeling off my back. I was approached by six horsemen, they were thieves. They wanted my canteen and a few strips of dry meat I had. And there was nothing I could do to stop them. But then as the first attacker came at me, this blinding flash of light filled the sky. It was so bright it turned night into day. It was as if a comet had hit the Earth. But it was even greater than that because this wasn't a comet. This was the hand of God. And he was reaching down from high up there. And he killed that attacker, stone dead, right in front of me. It was a miracle.


Gabriel: I need time to recover, heal. An hour maybe two. And then I'll summon my angels and we'll slaughter that dyad and everyone else in this cursed pit.
Claire: Of course you will.
Gabriel: You don't believe me.
Arika: No. Even with your wings.
Noma: It's a losing proposition.
Gabriel: But I'm an archangel. One of the greatest warriors the heavens have ever seen.
Claire: Julian is far more powerful than that. You don't stand a chance.
Gabriel: What do you suggest?
Claire: Stay here with us.
Gabriel: Why exactly?
Noma: Because we will protect you.
Arika: Because we want you.
Claire: Surrender Gabriel. It's easy if you try.

Noma: Yesterday I went out to draw the 8-balls away from Alex. Something strange happened.
Michael: What?
Noma: A man appeared to me. There was a presence about him. Like he was something more. I was delirious, what sticks in my mind is he said, "Bring him east." Does it make any sense to you?
Michael: No.

We've both tried running away. We've both tried being with other people but we keep finding our way back to each other. So let's, please Andy, try the one thing we haven't. Let's stay together.


There's nothing that I want more than to be her mom. Just let me prove it, please.


Last night I came over and I interrupted a family, one that I have no part of. The fact is Sam that the life that I wanted with you, you're actually having with somebody else.


Oliver: Think of it as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Try something new.
Traci: If I want that I'll go to Zumba.

Gail: What does my outfit say to you?
Chris: I'm wearing clothes.

This wasn't a dirty season either. It wasn't trashy and disgusting and dirty and tonight, I can probably tell you that we will all go out to dinner together because we will all choose to go to dinner together and that I have never seen.


This has been a real girl power, bonding thing.