It's nice to see you sleeping your way to the bottom.


Candace, please don't start with your coupon shopping ass.


Candace: Listen to me.
Cookie: Get your hands off my fur.

Candace: Well, you can keep keep on counting. I don't do prisons.
Cookie: Bitch.

Shut your dumbass up.


Dr. Leanne Rorish: I'm just curious as to why.
Dr. Cole Guthrie: Why I asked you out?
Dr. Leanne Rorish: Why you thought I'd say yes.
Dr. Cole Guthrie: Well, you don't ask someone out because you think they'll say yes. You ask someone out because you are interested.

Dr. Gina Perello: He should probably be more concerned with his prison wife. [beat] What?
Dr. Mark Taylor: I just feel like I'm looking in a circus mirror.

I couldn't even look at my husband. Not because I was angry that he'd given up, but because I couldn't face that he may have been right. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder if I made my son work too hard to die.

Dr. Christa Lorenson

Jesse Salandar: People come out here for three reasons -- to think about mistakes they've already made, or about the one they're about to make.
Dr. Angus Leighton: You know, that's only two.
Jesse Salandar: Smoke break is number three. But your mama knows he taught you better than that.

Dr. Malaya Pineda: Well, what about Guthrie? He's been here since dial-up.
Jesse Salandar: Dial-up wasn't that long ago.

There's gonna be times when there's nobody there to back you up. When the only things you have is your eyes and your instincts. It's important that you trust yourself. And never, ever, ever give up on the patient. No matter what.

Jesse Salandar

Never wait for a test to form an opinion. Machines don't diagnose patients. We do.

Dr. Leanne Rorish