Peggy: Professional, you said?
Hanzee: Yeah. Tired of this life.

I have heard of you before. And may I say, brother... I like your style.

Mike Milligan [to Ed]

Think or be. You can't do both.

Peggy's hallucination

Mr. Meyer, you are either under arrest for second degree murder or we attach sexual assault and you will disappear for the rest of your life. What's it gonna be?


Is this where I am in life? I can turn in a circle without falling down and it's wonderful?


Murder and rape. I think I'll have to cancel my dinner.


Is that rape? I mean, if he did it to someone like me?


I'm an equal opportunity dude. That's old people talk for bisexual.


When I decide I want to get engaged to someone, usually I propose myself.


Flynn: I'm not sure I'm ready to be on my own.
Patrice: But you're not going to be on your own. There's Sharon and Rusty...

I asked him to come home and he said it would be like prison. But he said he was doing fine and that he was getting rich and he hugged me. My last hug.


All Flynn needs is a little murder somewhere and he'll perk right up.