The hardest thing about goodbye is...all the stuff you didn't say.


I'm not worried. First sign you're not on our side, I'll kill you myself.

LT Alisha Granderson

It's only brilliant if it works.

LCDR Andrea Garett

Quinlan: His shadow looms over you. You crossed him and he does not forget. What has it cost you thus far? Your best friend. Your mother. Do you not see a pattern? She's very beautiful. Beauty and love are fleeting, but powerful. I've known both. I've lost both. You can save her Gus, but the only way is to give her up. Until we slay the Master, that is.
Gus: I don't get it man. Why? Why me?
Quinlan: That is a question I learned to stop asking myself many centuries ago.

Eichhorst: It appears your almighty has better things to do. Now, one last time. Where is the Lumen?
Cardinal Macnamara: I don't have it. I was selling it for someone.
Eichhorst: Who? Where can I find this person?
Cardinal Macnamara: I can't say. I swore before God I would never tell.
Eichhorst: Well, we wouldn't want you to break that vow. Can you feel the worms burrowing through your flesh? When they have finished, you will have no secrets from the Master.

Now, we mustn't forget the eyes. They are after all, the windows to the soul. See, I was correct, this is the mother our dear Zack cries for in the night.


Cardinal Macnamara: There are other interested parties.
Palmer: Who? Is one of them Abraham Setrakian? The man's not a serious player. He's wasting your time.
Cardinal Macnamara: I appreciate the advice.
Palmer: Name a figure that will close the deal right now.
Cardinal Macnamara: I can't. Not as long as there are other bidders.
Palmer: Don't play games with me Paul. You'll regret it.
Eichhorst: I can attest to that.

Kelly: I've missed you so much.
Zack: I missed you too.
Kelly: Please honey let me in. There is so much I have to tell you.
Zack: But I can't, you're...
Kelly: Look at me, you can see that that's not true. I was sick, very sick, but I'm getting better. Just let me in and I'll explain everything.

Figures the one time you don't go with the land team, all the actions gonna be on the ship.

XO Slattery

This doesn't end.


It’s like no one is paying attention. It’s like it’s not real.


They don’t die, Liza. They come back.