If we're going to go down, let's go down in a blaze of glory.

Karen: You okay?
Ivy: Please don't be nice to me right now. I mean it, I really will fall apart if you are nice to me.

Dev: My name's Dev.
Ivy: Ivy.

We're taking her gloves off for her?

Ivy: I'm a women of many talents.
Derek: And, that is why I love you.

It's like some demented fairy tale. You drink a magic potion, you kiss a movie star, and presto you are one too.

Ivy: Hey, we're not best friends, you know, okay?
Karen: I know.

Tom: You were wonderful. You are wonderful.
Ivy: But, I'm not a star.

Ivy: Am I late?
Derek: No, Karen was early.

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