Peter: Thank you.
Lincoln: It's my job.
Peter: No, I mean thank you for treating me like a human being. I haven't been getting that a lot lately. I appreciate it.

You know, I've been investigating fringe events for three years. I never thought I'd become one.

Yeah, because every 32 year old man need a friend to chaperone him while he is underwear shopping.

Clearly, I'm in the wrong place. All the people that I know and love are somewhere else. I just gotta figure out how to get home.

Astrid: This goes into your neck.
Peter: Of course it does.

Astrid: Here! Walter calls this the Walter Bishop Faraday harness. He wanted me to tell you that.
Peter/Olivia: So how do I put it on?

This is gonna start getting annoying.

Peter: He can't even look at me.
Olivia: Can you blame him? Seeing the adult version of the son he lost? I mean, the visions he was having were unsettling enough.

I think when I came back here I somehow damaged the space time continuum, and if that's the case, there may not be any rules to it.

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