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Raylan: Well I gotta talk to some people....alone..So....Either you let me go, or Im gonna have to give you the slip.
Tim: I love this shit, this shit gets me hard.
Raylan: Well then we both been warned.

Tim: I love this shit. This shit gets me hard.
Raylan: Well, we've both been warned then.

Dickie: Do you know you're out of beer?
Helen: We drink liquor in this house.
Dickie: Are you offering liquor in this house?

Raylan: We're gonna end this right now.
Duffy: That sounds ominous.

What are you doing? You don't piss on someone's lawn.

Tim: I feel like I'm in The Big Chill.
Raylan: Except no one's dead...
Tim: Yet.
Rachel: And the music sucks.

Raylan: You found me, I'm impressed.
Tim: Give me a little credit. I'm a professional.

Raylan: I was just gonna pick up some ice cream.
Tim: Ice cream for breakfast?
Raylan: Yeah, it's got eggs, milk.

Listen I gotta make a phone call that I'm not supposed to make, that if you overheard you should report, so you wanna go outside and check the perimeter? Or do I have to pretend to take a shower?

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