Traci: I think Steve's nice.
Gail: No he's not, he's just on his best behavior because you're really good looking.

Traci: I can't imagine being too sane after I'd watched my son blow up.
Steve: You wouldn't turn into that.

Steve:You love going under.
Traci: What I love is sitting here drinking cold coffee with you.

I love how not having a job makes him the superior parent.

Sam: It's not so bad.
Traci: A rat touched my foot, Swarek.
Sam: Not in a hostile way.

Traci: Getting back on that horse sounds a little exhausting.
Gail: You could make my brother the horse.
Traci: Gail, that's disgusting.
Gail: You're telling me.

Traci: That's what single girls do, Steve. They give each other keys to their place that way if you die alone...
Steve: They can come over, get you dressed and hide you're porn. Yeah, I get it.

I'm trying so hard to keep going but sometimes, sometimes all I can think about is how much I miss him.

A little advice. Less goggly eyes.

Traci: Ten more hours and you'll be popping tents and sleeping under the stars.
Gail: Being mauled by bears.

Gail: It brings out the mean girl in me.
Traci: Everybody brings out the mean girl in you.

Nick: Do you think she's talking about paintball?
Traci: I think she's talking about Sam Swarek.

Rookie Blue Quotes

You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

Chloe: You're like a terrible person.
Gail: Like I haven't heard that before.