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That thinking crease is making a rare appearance on your forehead, so what's going on?

C'mon I know times are tough, but you're Lavon Hayes. Two superbowls, four pro bowls; every time you get knocked down you get right back up.

[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


Have you not seen my outfit? Polka-dot blouse and leopard print skirt, I mix patterns! I am an "outside of the box" thinker.

Zoe: We know you have Joel! We want proof of life!
Wade: What are you doing!?
Zoe: I've seen movies.

Zoe: You’re okay with Lavon going to a bachelor party, in Vegas, with NFL players. Vegas. NFL Players.
Annabeth: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be.

I'm like a ship without a port!

Lemon, just remember, the sun will come out tomorrow!

We are all dying, just at different rates.

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