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Stephanie: [about Brooke] Dammit, Eric, she's dragging Forrester through the gutter! Don't you care?
Eric Forrester: Of course I care! I don't want this to happen to our company!
Stephanie: [shouts] It's not about demeaning a *company*! It's about demeaning the name of *Forrester*! Can't you see that? Aren't you humiliated by that? My God, it's your name on the building! She's spitting on it! Can't you see what this is doing to me - she's doing the same thing to you!
Eric Forrester: This is not about you and your feelings towards Brooke! Now, her behaviour is reckless and irresponsible, I'll grant you that, but I cannot allow your personal feelings for it to- to tear this company apart! Now, if we don't show a united front here...
Stephanie: [cuts him off]
Stephanie: Don't you talk to me about any damn united front!

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