Lady Exec: These are your ratings with young girls.
Krusty: If my writers knew how to appeal to girls, they wouldn't be writers.

Krusty: Goodn ight kids, and don't forget Krusty loves you.
Director: That's a wrap.
Krusty: You kids in the studio audience, please hand back all the hats, toys and savings bonds I passed out during the taping.

The world may end in 2010, but this show won't.

Bart [on the chalkboard]

Chuck: There's gotta be a contingency plan if enemy agents infiltrate my house. Like a button you push that calls that cavalry so they can swoop in and get everyone out. Where's the button?
Casey: Me. I'm the button.

Just because you're a beautiful woman that I would give up a non-vital organ to make love, doesn't give you the right to show up with this clown and humiliate me in front of my friends.

Morgan [to Carina]

Lester: The studs inside are going to ruin our chances with the medium-hot chicks from Underwear Unlimited.
Jeff: I've been drinking this jail juice since I was in diapers, I'll challenge them to a drinking contest and they'll pass out.
Lester: By process of elimination we land the ladies.

Lester [about Carina]: She brought for guys and no beer.
Jeff: Thanks a lot, now our party is a sausage fest.

You idiot. The reason Sarah is being so cold is because she loves you. Now get your head out of your ass and be a spy.


Grimes stop it. Like a hot piece of toochis like that would get anywhere near a piece of trafe like you.

Lester [about Carina]

Morgan: Carina is not just some girl. She's basically a Swedish supermodel. The country's greatest export since Björn Borg.
Jeff: People mistake him for me all the time.

Do you think she'll remember me? We only went on that one date and tall women have very short memories.

Morgan [about KCrina]

Morgan: Our lives are incredible.
Chuck: Yeah incredibly average to subpar.