(sigh) Why is she so beautiful?


You can't just shoot people at weddings!


Vincent: So how was Mexico?
Cat: Caliente.

He told me the only reason he's not as bad as my father is because he has someone special. That's you, right?


This is it. We've got to press the eject button of our lives!


Tess: How bad is it, Cat. I mean, he's not gonna die, is he?
Cat: I don't know, Tess, but right now JT needs you, do you understand? He needs you by his side, he needs you strong.
Tess: I was so mean to him! (Sobbing)
Cat: Hey, come on! Come on.
Tess: OK.
Cat: He knows how you feel about him. OK, he knows. He needs you right now, OK?

Vincent: My brothers are here.
Cat: They're heroes.

J.T.: Totally: Undo three months of billion dollar programming with a romantic dinner. Let me pull up OpenTable.

Cat: Just come over tonight and listen to 80s power ballads, that's charity enough.
Gabe: I like 80s power ballads!

Let's take care of Reynolds, together, so he can never hurt us again.


I am so relieved, I feel as festive as you look.


It's better not to be outed on your first day at work, Dr. Keller.


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Vincent: I am such an ass.
J.T.: Can't say I'm gonna argue with you there.

That's fine. You save J.T.; we'll save you.