Tori: How could you shoot him? I thought you loved him.
Cat: I did.

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Vincent: I love you Catherine.
Cat: I love you, too.

Cat: Where's Vincent?
Carol: Somewhere not even your love can save him.

Vincent: Do you know how many blonde women there are in Manhattan?
Cat: OK, but you have to admit that could have been Carol.

My mom was a scientist. She told me that wearing the necklace reminded her to respect the power of nature.


Why change to this outbreak approach? What are they trying to accomplish?


Gabe: Nice reunion! What was the theme? The apocalypse?
Cat: It's a wreck! Like my life.

Oh my God they look like Brangelina!


Cat: Gabe has an idea.
Vincent: Hmm. Let me guess. Flatlining? Ahhh. Give me a break.

You were right. Trust has to be earned. And I don't think we're there yet.


I wouldn't put my life on hold for her or go in hiding for ten years like you've done. That’s not loyalty. That’s something else.


Oh yeah, hey Curt, would you mind beasting out so we can kill you and then after you flatline we may or may not be able to, you know, shock your human side back to life? I'm sure he'll go for that.


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Gabe: You want to be alone.
Cat: No. I want to be with you.

Careful, last time I made plans with Catherine I ended up in a bordello.