Gabe: You know I'm telling the truth when I say I've never seen that vial before in my life.
Vincent: Yes.
Gabe: Then tell her that, because I'm tired of trying to get her to trust me.

Eighty-seven? I don't think Barnes is trying to make an octogenarian beast.


Cat: NYPD put your hands up! Turn around. Gabe! What are you doing here?
Gabe: I'm bringing ya coffee.
Cat: Well I could have shot you.
Gabe: Well I didn't think that part through.

J.T.: Well, it looks like we're back where we started again. Just you and me, buddy.
Vincent: You are not living here.

Gabe: You want to be alone.
Cat: No. I want to be with you.

That's fine. You save J.T.; we'll save you.


All I know is that when we're together, there's something about your
power that... It doesn't just amplify mine, OK, it affects everything -- The way I think, the way I feel.


Vincent: You knocked out a beast. How did you do that?
Cat: I don't know.

But when this is over, I'm in. I want to be with you.


Gabe: What are you doing?
Vincent: Just having a lookie loo.
Gabe: Just having a lookie loo. At blueprints. If you're planning on going inside, we need to work together.
Vincent: Not happening.

Gabe: I feel like I'm in the middle of a divorce and you two are fighting over the beach house. If I was your lawyer, I'd tell you to give her the beach
house. She's so angry at you, that's why she's holding onto this investigation so tightly. But if you give her the necklace, she might actually move on.
Vincent: Move on. So that's what this is about. You're still waiting for her.
Gabe: Actually, she's waiting for me.

The connection that Vincent and I have... it's primal and it drives you crazy with jealousy.


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Vargas:This is where he lives? A chemical plant?
Cat: He's a researcher, maybe he works from home?
Vargas: Or maybe it's a meth lab.
Cat: Just my type.

Everyone told me it was just a coyote or a bear. This thing I thought I had seen was just a result of my concussion or post traumatic stress. No, the men who killed my mother were beasts. I believed them. Until now.