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A deal will always wait and a fool will always rush in.


The pups have grown fangs, gentlemen.


All of man's troubles come from his inability to sit in a quiet room by himself.

Arnold Rothstein

He who dies pays all his debts.


Mickey: From the tiny acorn grows the mighty elk.
Jimmy: If you had a brain, you'd be dangerous.

I'll sh-t you out like yesterday's sausage you bog wic prick.


Purity, sobriety, and the white Christian's Jesus.

KKK Member

I'm not how you see me at all.


I didn't spend my life getting groped by a bunch of drunks to wind up in a goddamn poor house.


Waxey Gordon (on killing Horvitz): Before we go any further, you need to tell me if that's a problem.
Jimmy: Maybe, but it's not mine.

If there really was a God, would he have given me this mug?


The men talk, the Geisha retires.

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Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Purity, sobriety, and the white Christian's Jesus.

KKK Member

Nucky: First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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