Boardwalk Empire

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Boardwalk empire

I lost whatever I thought love was.


A bit cheeky, isn't he?

Margaret on Owen

When you come fact to face with destiny, do you want to be the bear? Or do you want to be holding a shotgun?


Jimmy: Think I can't play this game?
Nucky: I don't think you even know the rules.

Richard: Would you fight for me?
Jimmy: Of course I would, right down to the last bullet.
Richard: Then let's go to work.

Say what you want about Nucky; at least he was fun.


Margaret: Are you in the habit of toying with women, Mr. Sleater?
Owen: I wouldn't call it a habit.

Not every insult requires a response.


It's kismet, gentlemen. Rothstein, Nucky, their time is past.

Meyer Lansky

The men talk, the Geisha retires.


Is this to be our life?


Jimmy: Alright, Mom.
Gillian: Alright, leave me alone, or alright, I understand what needs to be done.
Jimmy: Both.

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