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I go way back around here. Slept with George Washington and everything.


You think you and me having some kind of discussion?


Consider me an admirer Mr. Thompson. Ordinary men avoid trouble. Extraordinary men turn it to their advantage. You and I have that in common.


Means: How would you judge a man you could buy within five minutes of metering him?
Nucky: I wouldn't trust him for a second.
Means: Then we are face to face with a paradox.

Gyp Rosetti:Who would, have a clue?
Gas Station Attendant: The sheriff maybe? He keeps and eye on things.
Gyp: Sheriff. And he's what? On a horse or somethin?
Attendant: No he's got a Chevrolet.

Mickey: I can't drive if we hold hands.
Eli: Let me ask you something Mickey, how the fu-k are you still alive?

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