My daughter was a terrorist!


I don't really know what it is that I'm missing. My daughter had a whole life and a boyfriend that I knew nothing about. Looking back, I think that she only showed me what she wanted me to see.


It's about us, finding out who you are. It's about being Tauron, being part of a family.


Someone tries to make you feel guilty, you figure out what they feel guilty about. You talk about that. Also, don't smoke.


I'd be hopelessly trying to flirt with some guy; meanwhile, your dad would get a date with your sister.


I promised Serge some time alone with the U87. It's not a pretty thing. They need to be alone.


The crowd goes frakking wild, sir. They're tearing up the seats. It's bedlam.


Zoe: Do I look male to you?
Lacy: Yeah.
Zoe: Frak.

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