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The war will be over soon, and the world will be full of bright promises, and New York will lead the way. But promises are full of danger, more danger than we faced at Gettysburg.

Robert Morehouse [to Corcoran]

John Reilly: Did the man who killed Kate violate her?
Corcoran: The doctor said she died a virgin.
John Reilly: Then the almighty is merciful.
Corcoran: The Almighty could'a showed Kate a touch more mercy.

Elizabeth Haverford: Tell me about Kevin Corcoran. Is he prone to violence?
Det. Maguire: Yes, but he has an inherent nobility inside him.

Father doesn't want to eradicate the immigrants. He just wants them to move to Hoboken.

Robert Morehouse

Corcoran: Annie's in real danger.
Sister Agnes Clare: Well you're a copper, shield her from the danger.
Corcoran [exasperated]: I'm trying.

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