Dr. Yewll: Sukar attacked me. He started tearing apart my equipment. I tried to stop him.
Nolan: Are you sure it was Sukar? The Spirit Riders told me he was dead.
Dr Yewll: Well for a dead guy he kicked the crap out of me pretty good.

Nolan: what are you doing? Did you remember to pack your socks? You know how grumpy you get when your feet are cold.
Irisa: I'm going to the Badlands. Sukar is in danger. I had a vision. [walks out and right back in] You coming or not?

Irisa: You want me to drink this?
Nolan: Yes, we're gonna have a toast and then we're gonna talk a little about your uncle.
Irisa: I don't have an uncle.
Nolan: Yes you do.

Nolan: So you want to get together later?
Keyna: I'm booked.
Nolan: When do you turn in?
Keyna: I'm not.
Nolan: Wow an all-nighter. That sounds expensive.
Keyna: There's no client. You're just, you're not my type.

Nolan: Eddie, you don't have to do this.
Eddie: You've got a daughter in Defiance, she needs you.
Nolan: Yeah but you don't have to be the one to take the fall.

Vendor: This isn't money. What are you trying to pull?
Paul Madus: No need to be agitated. Not with your heart condition.
Vendor: I don't have a heart condition.
Paul Madus: That's not what the coroner will say.

Eddie: The runner's mine leech.
Nolan: [turns his head around]
Eddie: Nolan?
Nolan: Eddie?

Datak: How did you know he was with me?
Nolan: Back at the house, you were nice.

Irisa: You could have killed him after defending all that time, why?
Tommy: Because you're not the only one with nightmares.

Tommy: I don't understand why we're just letting him go.
Irisa: He wanted to create a Messiah. Now he has to go back selling rocks. That's the worse punishment for him, an ordinary life.

Nolan: You want me to go after the Irath?
Amanda: I'm letting her off with time served.
Nolan: Can you do that?
Amanda: I just did. So let's assume "yes".

Nolan: Now, can trust you to be good girl and behave yourself while I'm gone?
Irisa: Probably not.
Nolan: There's my girl.

Defiance Quotes

Tommy: [To Nolan] Come on, give me your wrists.
Nolan: You took too long, I got bored [handing Tommy the handcuffs]

Garrett: Tommy, I told you to watch him, not cuff him.
Tommy: He was armed.
Garrett: Now he's unarmed. See that patch on his shoulder? If he really wanted to hurt you, those cuffs wouldn't stop him.