This is Terry Carens' brain. See these dark areas- how they extend all the way out to here- you know why that looks like that? That's because Terry Carens doesn't use that part of his brain. And that'd be where you find stored such things as empathy, compassion, an aversion to disembowling puppies.


Ok, so I probably never should have taken this course to begin with, but I figured it was medieval lit, not advanced evil, how hard could it be? So I skipped intro to evil or whatever, but how is it that I get an F, when this guy that we're reading, Chauncey, can't even spell?


Victor's loose, doesn't have GPS and apparently he's a serial killer.


Topher: So what I'm going to attempt to do is go into his biolink feed, which doesn't tell me where he is, but it does give me a way into his head... Uh, I'm going to reverse the signals, send a purgation tone, and load his mind, literally.
Boyd: And what, leave him out there in his doll state, totally wiped?
Topher: He'll be an empty-headed robot wondering around Hollywood - he'll be fine!

Adelle: Hello Mr. Langton, how is your evening out?
Boyd: A lot like my evenings in.

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