These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Walter Bishop

Etta: Do you know me?
Peter: I don't know how I could. I've been stuck in that amber for over 20 years, you barely look old enough...Henrietta?
Etta: Hi dad.

Astrid: William Bell? You just left him there"
Walter: You remember what he did to Olivia. Even you can't be that compassionate.

In that case, a little more focus and a little less pontificating and we might have the job done by now.


Walter: I've eaten it once. It's sweeter than you think.
Simon: Feces?
Walter: God no! Brains! And LSD. Love LSD.

Walter: What is that monkey feces?
Simon: That, Dr. Bishop, is your brain.

I do hope we're going to the circus.


Twenty years? It's no wonder I'm so hungry. Do you have anything to eat?


Simon: When I say.
Etta: Really? I was going to go before.

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