You amaze me. After everything I put you through, I did the very thing I promised you I wouldn't do, I left you again. I'm more than a little embarrassed ya know.


It's going to be difficult to get any information from him right now...because he dropped acid.


Peter, look at me. I love you.


Peter I've lost you before over this and I'm not going to let that happen again. Now, your thinking is way ahead of mine, I understand that, but the fact that I am here has got nothing to do with any of that, except feeling. And soon, you're not going to be able to feel anything, not for me, not for Etta.


Walter: How badly does it hurt?
Peter: There is no pain.

Olivia: Expecting me?
Simone: I've been waiting many years for someone to come for that magnet. Come, I'll show you.

Peter: Trust me when I tell you, I am in complete control.
Walter: I don't believe you are in control. Son, you promised me. You said you would be there for me, do you remember, to keep me from slipping? I need you. I'm begging you. Please come back in and let me run some tests.

Belly used the same combination for everything. Too much LSD I suppose.


Fire up that laser, Agnes. Let's get that hand out of amber.

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