I know that I sound crazy, but I'm not. I'm not crazy.


Walter: The texture of the universe has changed from my crossing. It cannot withstand any more damage.
Elizabeth: Neither can he, Walter. He is in constant distress.

Getting him back wasn't as easy as I thought.


If the impossible is possible, who's to say that I someday won't see him again?

Mrs. Merchant

Some sort of an emotional quantum entanglement.


Walter: There's not such thing as ghosts.
Peter: That's where you draw the line? Ghosts?

Olivia: Maybe I'm just incapable of being vulnerable.
Peter: Olivia, you know that's not true.
Olivia: I'm terrified. That this is just who I am.

Do you really think this is the end of the world as we know it?


Dear God! Is it second guess everything I do day? Because I haven't been informed!

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