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Izzie: I'm in love with this incredible guy and we're having problems. And my best friend, he would know what to say to me about it. I need to be able to talk to my best friend. I cannot get through this without my best friend.
George: Why isn't this easier?
Izzie: I don't know.
George: Well, I want my best friend back.
Izzie: Me too.

Meredith: I'm sorry about all of this.
Richard: Meredith, please. You have nothing to apologize for. Nothing it all.
Meredith: I'm keeping you from doing your job.
Richard: This is my job, at least part of it. Think of it as... the principal's office, only I'm the nice principal. Anyways, I promised your mom I would take care of you.
Meredith: I told you you don't have to do that.
Richard: I know. I know I don't, but I do.

Meredith, you want to come in for a minute and sit down? Meredith?


Everyday is my mothers birthday. My mother was born in March. He lied. He's a liar. And I'm glad. Really, I'm glad that you found him charming. I'm sure he was delightful. He's a blast after five drinks, not so much after nine though; he gets a little weepy and mean. He's a drunk, Meredith. He probably came in and told you how wonderful you are. How sad he is he doesn't get to spend more time with you. You know, yesterday he told me I was his favorite daughter. The day before, I was an ungrateful bitch. The week before, he wrote me a check for $20,000 because he said I deserved everything life had to offer, because he was so proud of me, a lifetime's worth of proud. So thank you for letting me know that I need to keep a better eye on him. Thanks.


Meredith: Your dad was in the ER today.
Lexie: I know.
Meredith: So, you know he was drunk and he put his hand through a window?
Lexie: Yeah, anything else?
Meredith: I know it was Susan's birthday and I'm sure it was a very hard day for the both of you. And he wasn't actually a problem, he was kinda charming. But, he seemed very sad and I'd hate to see it happen again so maybe you should think about keeping a better eye on him.

Cheerleader: I am never gonna be captian again!
Callie: You know, I was... I was fired from a job recently-
Cheerleader: You were fired from being a doctor and they let you cut open my ass?!
Callie: Okay, shut your trap for eight seconds and let me finish. I didn't get fired from being a doctor, I got fired from being being like, well our version of squad captian. Which is mostly about organizing crap... not about surgery.
Cheerleader: So?
Callie: So, I got to go back to the part that I like... which is kind of a gift.

Girl 2: I'm gonna write a letter to his mom and dad.
Girl 1: That's really beautiful.
Girl 2: Yeah.
Izzie: Get out.
Girl 2: What?
Izzie: Get out. You're not even supposed to be in here.
Girl 2: She's here.
Izzie: She's his friend. His best friend. Go away. Go!
Marissa: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ...
Izzie: It's okay. You just lost your best friend. It's... it's the worst thing in the world.

Girl 1: This is so sad. I used to walk by his house everyday.
Girl 2: He was in my algebra class... I think.
Izzie: Marissa, I know that this seems impossible right now, but you will get through this. Danny would have wanted you to.
Marissa: You don't know what he would have wanted. You're just like them. You're a prom queen and you're trying to act like you know what it's like for me. You have no idea what it's like.
Izzie: I wasn't a prom queen. I was the girl in the cheap clothes from the trailor park who got pregnant. I got thrown in the pregnant girls class. None of the mothers would let their kids hang out with me. But I got through it. You will get through this.

[narrating] In some ways we grow up; we have families... we get married, divorced... but for the most part we still have the same problems that we did when we were fifteen. No matter how much we grow taller, grow older, we are still forever stumbling... forever wondering, forever... young.

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