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I have dreamed of Lavon proposing since the first time he kissed me. I dreamed of how I'd say yes and I'd how I'd cry. And how I'd tell him I can't wait to be his wife and have 19 babies with him.


You know, for a sleepy little town, Bluebell has a lot going on!


Mother, you remember your almost grandson, George Tucker, who abandon your granddaughter at the alter? I bet you two want to catch up! [To George] Sorry son, survival.


Wow, Beyonce. It's hard to pass on the Queen B.... Another time Sasha Fierce.


Lemon: Daddy, really, scotch for breakfast?
Brick: I agree but my mom is unbearable!

[To Wade] I think you're getting with every unavailable women you can because you can't have the one unavailable woman that you want.


Lavon doesn't want to go to see Beyonce!

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