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Look Joel, this town has few perks. But the one that has kept me here is the feeling for the first time in my life that I belong to a community and I wanted you to feel that too. So I’m doing it for us.


Everybody’s got it all wrong. You and I both know damn well, you’re still in love with me.


Tween girls were cheering for George in the street today like he was a British boy bang.


Zoe, I’m not the all request DJ at WWJD.

Reverend Mayfair

Breaking news Bluebell, Zoe’s new beau just rear-ended our revered reverend. This man just can’t catch a break, or seem to find one!


As long as she’s so pretty and I’m so me, done is a 4 letter word.


Fine, next time you get an appendage stuck in some girl’s zipper, have Brick deal with it. He will not be as gentle as I.

Zoe [to George]
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