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Zoe: We know you have Joel! We want proof of life!
Wade: What are you doing!?
Zoe: I've seen movies.

[To Wade] As a doctor, seriously you need medical help.


[To Zoe] Just try to not to that whole overreacting thing you like to do...


Jam has a expiration, you can't just let it sit on the shelf forever! So, if you don't want it you just tell me so I can take my jam elsewhere!


[To AB] Then you put your jam out there and it's all anyone can think about!


Actually, I wrote a list of a 100 reasons why I suck but I stopped at 97


Joel: How'd you know there'd always be a goth waitress?
Zoe: There's always a goth waitress.

All anyone remembers is that Yoko killed the Beatles!

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