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Think of the kleenex box cozies!


However, I hold the glitter gavel.


You’re sweeter than a box of jelly donuts! Get outta’ here before I eat you up.


You ladies better get to the bank and get those singles… For the strippers.


Shelby: Are you mad at me?
Brick: I could never be mad at you.

[To George] I guess I was your band-aid.


[To Zoe] Let's do it, let's buy a house. I'm all in.


[To Harley Jr.] Zoe Hart will win you over.


[To Wade] He says he's going to kill oyu in your sleep unless you break up with my mom.

Harley Jr

Brick: We can never tell Lemon.
Shelby: No!

[To Shelby] Then maybe I should just stop resisting.


If I had a dollar for every dramatic entrance

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Hart of Dixie Quotes

My God, did you just give me the compliment sandwich. Where is he?! GEORGE TUCKER get your butt out here! What is going on here? Are you dumping me again?


I'm like a ship without a port!


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