You should be thinking about this come trial time when this case brings me ball-punching distance to you.


Oh I get it - like when you call me Snuggles or when Stan refers to you as his Butterscotch Stallion.


What does your loved one say is your greatest asset? And don't say my chest.


(Thinking to herself) People talk too much, people think too much. We're all village idiots enamored with our shadows, oblivious to the setting sun.


Rabbi: Families are like puzzles, they fit together in a certain way, and when one of the pieces are missing it throws everything off.
Mary: Okay, is there a point in there somewhere?
Rabbi: The point? The point is I find people Mary, all kinds of people, no matter how long they have been gone, I find them. So just in case...

Jinx: I owe you a bottle of tequila, I had to dump it out.
Mary: Okay, now that pisses me off.

Marshal Mann: Andy, Witness Protection is a little like 'Where's Waldo?'. Waldo is difficult to find because he blends in with the scenery.
Mary: Which is why Waldo doesn't wear a yarmaka.
Andy: This Waldo is Jewish?
Marshal Mann: Hard to say.

Mary: Another day, another dollar.
Marshall: You gotta raise?

Oh, and Marshall for the record, I'd sell you out for a twinkie.

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