That's the thing about this place. The best things never last for long.


She always moans a little at 1300 feet. That's her g-spot.


Gentlemen, stow this problem or we're all going to be dead in about one minute.


Thanks for the hospitality but I'm going to dance with the one that brung me.


Admiral: You are uniquely qualified to do something about this.
Kylie: Uniquely qualified to risk my own ass to save your daughter?

Pre-emptive nuclear war is our new official policy.


Cortez: We don't shoot kids.
Julian: Never the less he was shot.

Joe: You didn't write. You didn't call.
Grace: You didn't hang yourself with your shoelaces. We all have our disappointments to muster.

Get your blouse on partner. It's not casual Friday around here.

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