Doctor: I'd like to talk to the parents.
Olivia: Yeah, well, so would we.

Olivia: Where the hell are the parents?
Fin: That's why we're here.

I don't often go against the wishes of the victim's parents, but I don't want to see another child die simply for being who they are.


I know Avery felt forgiveness towards Darius.

Eric Parker

Darius: I just wanted to talk to Avery.
DA: Talk, or tease?
Darius: A little bit of both, I guess.

Then why didn't he push someone else off the bridge?


I know it's no excuse, but Darius has had little exposure to transgender people.


I wish the DA had come to the service. Avery was all about forgiveness.

Avery's mother

My son got the crap kicked out of him when he was a boy because he was gay. No one ever apologized.


Darius: I was afraid.
Lawyer: How do you think Avery felt?

What makes a boy decide to be a girl? I mean, is it cause he likes boys and doesn't want to be gay?


Darius' Mom: Darius. Why would you do that?
Darius: I didn't want my friends to think I was gay.