I won't make the same mistakes Sony did.


Rollins: Okay, so because her fiance has money, that means she has doesn't have any talent.
Fin: To them.

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FIn: They are not noobs!
Rollins: Noobs?
Fin: That means they aren't newbies.

It's not a big deal, you're not that special.


You can't be pregnant, I had a vasectomy.


Marcy: Neil's too smart! You can't catch him!
Benson: But your daughter can.

Carisi: 'Sleeping Beauty' syndrome. This guy gets off on sleeping vics.
Amaro: What's the point of that?
Fin: They don't talk back.

Marcy Davis: He told me how it got there.
Rollins: Did he tell you how it got under the sweater?

Well the DNA we found was semen.


Carisi: Her own Uncle raped her? That can't be true.
Benson: Yes it can.

Jenna: A ring like my Uncle Neil wears! I think it was him!
Rollins: You think or you know?
Jenna: It was him. My Uncle Neil raped me.

Boo ya! Fordham Law!