I didn't get myself raped so I can put it online.


Setting a honey trap for my client or is this what new mothers are wearing these days?


Rollins: You probably think I have a blind spot because of my sister.
Mike: No, not at all.
Rollins: Cause you do know these two guys are guilty. Including your dad's friend.

Sonny: Why didn't you go to the police?
Tara: I was drunk. I went into the bathroom with Bobby. I didn't think anyone would believe me.

Let's be real here. The sooner this goes away, the better.

Dodds Senior

All I know is when I was there it was totally consensual.


I may be a special victim, but at SVU I'm not as special as Bobby D'Mico.


Benson: Christi. None of this is your fault.
Christi: If you say so.

These are the hardest conversations that I have to have. There's not enough evidence to make an arrest.


Noel raped me. I swear to God.


I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to think I was a slut!


One big, happy consensual three way.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Distasio: On the word of a maid.
Finn: My grandmother was a maid.

These cases are about perception, not reality.

SVU Chief Mike Cutter