One big, happy consensual three way.


I can tell you when he lost his virginity. We grew up together in Union City.


It's the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day.

Dodds Senior

I'm a vlogger. My followers want to know everything that happens to me. What did you say your names were?


Pippa: Does this ever stop getting worse?
Benson: No. Not until your husband accepts where he is.

I married him. I slept with him for 12 years. I didn't know what he was like. No radar went off. How blind am I, how stupid?


Benson: Just remember, it's your decision, not your father's.
Mike: I know. It's just that he won't accept that.

I took a bullet and ended up dodging one.


Don't give me that crap. There's always a deal.


You're sorry? This is your fault. There are 100 ways you could have handled this. You didn't have to destroy us.


As their mother and their lawyer, I watch through the glass.


Hank is a good father. He would never do anything to hurt Jordan or Leah.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

It is better to live a life of infamy, than a life of obscurity.


Distasio: On the word of a maid.
Finn: My grandmother was a maid.