You all just went up on instagram!


Carisi: What time?
Scott: I don't wear a watch man.

Hey man, no one's looking to hang you here! We get it! A man can make a bad choice.


I don't care if he's a movie star, she's fifteen years old, arrest him!

Ivy Baker

I would love to take a run at the renaissance man.


Fin: So what? This is a hookup gone bad?
Carisi: Bad enough to dump a body in a suitcase?

Oh now you're worried 'bout your niece?


Are you talking about Amanda Rollins? I didn't rape Rollins, or her, or any other of them!

Chief Patton

Oh you gotta be kidding me! That little bitch! Five years after the fact!

Chief Patton

Buchanan: I'll mark that down as a 'yes.' Which might be what Chief Patton did that night.
Barba: I object!

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Buchanan: Did you scream, or yell for help?
Reese: I asked for him to stop.

He slapped me, hard. I was stunned.