Reese: So what they said, about why you left, none of that is true?
Rollins: No.

You ask her about the time she threw herself at me to save her sister?

Chief Patton

Fin: Dodds with the good ol' boy routine.
Benson: Pretty good.
Rollins: So is Patton.

We had sex, consensual obviously. She had a few drinks.

Chief Patton

You can never tell who's capable of what.


Rollins: He's been married for 20 years.
Dodds: I didn't see his wife at the convention

Rollins worked for this guy!


No, his boss. Deputy Chief Patton.

Reese Taymore

Oh you know how I am Amanda, I never take no for an answer!

Chief Patton

What is the point of having a national DNA database, if the rapist's DNA is never entered into it?


Not as petite as you're used to, huh?


Rollins: Bad time?
Benson: Always.

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