Sophie: You were an honest man and then you were a thief.
Nate: Now, maybe I am both
Sophie: You can't be both. But right now, I am just not sure which I want to win.

Parker: I bet your beginning to like that CGI Yoda just a little bit
Hardison: Yeah, when he gives back the childhood he stole. Why don't you just ask me to join the dark side?

Sophie: Consciously or not, I think you look at Reed Rockwell and see everything you hate about....
Nate: Anyway I can get you not to finish that thought.

Sophie: It's a good thing we don't believe in hell
Hardison: Nate believes in hell, I believe in hell
Sophie: Oh yeah

Parker: I think I am getting better at this
Hardison: Good work I am cloning his phone right now
Parker: I didn't even stab him
Hardison: Uh yeah, we are so proud of you. No stabbing Wednesday, a new tradition

Nate: I can resist the spotlight
Sophie: Of course you can; never see you taking a victory lap after you push us all to the edge or stick around to gloat when the bad guy gets dragged away.
Nate: Is that sarcasm?
Sophie: A mild amount

Parker! I'm not going to be able to un-hear that CGI Yoda thing, you cut me deep.


Eliot: How are we supposed to take this guy down?
Nate: The same way we would destroy ME

Sophie: Legal blackmail, it's elegant.
Nate: It's wrong, that is what it is.

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