Henchman: You said you hated guns
Nate [shoots him 4 times]: Yeah, never said I couldn't use one.

Moreau: Who are you?
Nate: You know how you feel like you have been poked by a stick over the last 6 months. I am that stick

Parker: You know what I am craving right now?
Hardison: What?
Parker: Pretzels.

Hardison: Can you get that panel open.
Parker: You got an idea? Am I going to hate it?
Hardison: No, but I am.

Nate: Are we in trouble?
Eliot: Oh yeah.

By the way, the white hat does not suite you. But I looove the hair.


Hardison: We gotta get on that freight car.
Parker: I have an idea.
Sophie: Am I going to hate it?
Parker: No, but he is.

Parker: Who taught you to drive?
Sophie: Taxi driver in Istanbul
Parker: I like it.

Nate: Let's go steal Department of Defense.
Parker: Isn't that treason?
Nate: We will give it back.

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