Nate: Hardison do you have anything?
Hardison: Nothing, but a tired Hacker who is actually tired of orange soda.

Mrs Cox: That Sophie woman, I don't think her crackers are quiet toasted. She wants me to moonwalk with a bear.
Nate: No,no, see we are doing a version of the moonwalking bear con.

Hardison: Just one piece of chocolate?
Nate: That's my girl!

Parker: What are we stealing? It is: let's go steal a mountain, or a potato, or a funeral, or a panda?
Hardison: I told ya'll not to send her to that festival unsupervised.

I will give you my word as a member of SCC, BBB, and the JLA, we have a fool proof way of predicting the market.


You can't con a con-artist, we are going to have to just steal from him.


Eliot: We waiting on Parker?
Hardison: No, she's at the chocolate festival. It's like sending a crack addict to a cocaine festival.

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