Metz: I can't thank you enough.
Nate: Well, you know I should be thanking you.
Metz: For what?
Nate: For reminding to listen; I appreciate it.

Hardison: You know the difference between us and them?
Parker: hmm?
Hardison: We make this look good.

Nate: Stop. You knew?
Sophie: I listened.
Nate: Ok. We need to fix. We need to get our clients reputation back.
Parker: How do we do that?
Nate: By making Kanack insane.

Nate: It's not about the money. It was never about the money. You want your reputation back.
Metz: I appreciate the help. Thanks for trying.

Kanack: Look, all I care about is the signal we received. Do you think you can decipher it? Mr?
Eliot: Riker, Willy Riker. Willy Riker is my full name.

Sophie: Why would someone dedicate so much time listening to nothing?
Nate: For the hope of what they might hear.

Parker: I win. I want to go bunging jumping.
Hardison: We already did that.
Parker: Not off a hot air balloon.
Hardison: I seriously need to win one of these bets.

Parker: I'm going thru the vents. Bet I get there first.
Hardison. No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Parker: Winner gets to choose our next date. Ready- set- go.
Hardison: Wait. I wasn't ready.

Nate: We can have the research back in 2 hours. Right Hardison? Hardison?
Hardison: Less. I would actually like to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.
Parker: He wants to get to his online Orc battle.

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