Sophie: true love does exist.
Eliot: May it always prevail.

Come on, fist-to-cuffs? Really?


Nate: I picked you; Hardison, Parker, the others.. I picked you, alright?
Sophie: Ok

Eliot: Want me to teach you about the wines...again
Hardison: That's just hurtful, making assumptions.... yes, I need you to teach me about the wines again.

Eliot: Steak dinner to ever who gets the highest bid?
Hardison: I'm in.

Parker: Ooooh sparkly
Nate: Parker, not burgling
Parker: But these jewels are just asking to be taken.

Parker: Let's go steal a sweetheart.
Eliot: Ugh..
Parker: A widow? A spider?

Hardison: They were married less than a month later.
Sophie: See, love at first sight.
Eliot: yeah, she wanted to get hitched before the background check came through.

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