Eliot: I smell peppermint. Do you smell peppermint?
Hardison(Minister Bioko): Are you sure?
Eliot: It has a very distinctive smell.

Eliot: You took out "Government?"
Nate: You're welcome.

Hardison: So we did all that work for nothing?
Nate: Not for nothing, you know you guys sometimes it's easy to forget why you stopped working along and became a team.

I am going to sharpen this knife and then walk around the halls in the dark... Don't leave.


You really can't tell? Americans! All accents sound the same. Please go on, I sound like one of the dwarves in Lord of the Rings, but continue.


Sophie: That's like stealing my mail.
Parker: Why, is stealing mail a crime?
Sophie: (glares)
Parker: Oops.

Sophie: Oh My God! Wait, what's that voice?
Eliot: It's your accent.
Sophie: That's what I sound like to you?

Eliot: Why are you sending second rate thugs to try and kill me?
Thug: Hmmmm? (looks sad).
Eliot: If I am not honest with you, you will never improve.
Thug: mmm hmmm (nod).

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