Ace: Go home. Come back tomorrow. Tell me every f**king thing you did between now and then. If I like what I hear, I'll give you a million dollars for the next 12 months and you work for me.
Nathan: Doing what?
Ace: That's the first thing you write down. Before I left here I asked him a stupid f**kin' question.

Mulligan: Get the double bum sucker for eight, feed him for three days, turn around and sell him for 27 grand.
Jo: I guess you feel you made the right deal.
Mulligan: My guess honey if that ain't a weeks work and something to put in the basket on Sunday, you better call me a greedy motherf**ker.
Jo: Lets get him out and jog him and we'll be done.
Mulligan: I know you not gonna flunk him just on account of me bein' halfway fresh?
Jo: That would make us both unprofessional a**holes

Not f**kin' stupid, this kid. Brains and ambition and thinks that's supposed to get him somewhere. No f**kin' style at all. This is the type of kid that'll irritate the s**t out of Mike.

Ace [to Gus]

Ace: Why did I get locked up?
Nathan: What were the charges or why do I think they went after you?
Ace: Can't be straightforward? [To Gus] More important to him to see his intelligence.
Nathan: 4 kilograms of cocaine.
Ace: You think this comes from a job at McDonalds?
Nathan: Not from McDonalds and not from selling narcotics.
Ace: The charge was possession for sale. Not selling.
Nathan: They thought to protect a family member they'd get you to cooperate in another prosecution.
Ace: And instead I went away. [To Gus] Never lived a day in his life and he's gonna tell me why I did something.

Ace: He's here based on what?
Head of Board: You want me to get rid of him?
Ace: Don't answer a question with a question.
Head of Board: He's exceptional with muni derivatives.
Ace: Send him up to my place.

He work like what you paid for him. Tell whoever you want. And, uh, for what just happened here, say he showed he got a good mind.

Escalante [to Gus]
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