Dr.: Mr Berkman, do you have someone you can talk to?
Marcus: A horse.
Dr.: That's not bad.

Ace: Riding an apprentice jock would double the odds. In case someone wanted to bet.
Escalante: You want to bet senor? That what you trying to find out? If I run him can you bet?
Ace: No.
Escalante: Then why you standing here breaking my balls?
Ace: To find out whether you're a gambler or a trainer.
Escalante: Who told you if you're one they throw you out for being the other?

Marcus: I think I'm queer for you.
Jerry: Well, that's so nuts because I was thinking the same thing about you.
Marcus: That's very funny.
Jerry: Why would you think you're queer for me, Marcus?
Marcus: 'Cause I worry about you all the time. 'Oh, Jerry this and that.'
Jerry: This and that?
Marcus: Yeah, 'is something's gonna happen to Jerry' or so forth. You know, that 3 year old ran so great the other day, that old man's horse, and I'm so happy watching. And then the next thought, 'Oh, I'm worried with Jerry. He's got his neck under some wink's shoe'.

The jock says he won with a double handful. This horse is a running motherf**ker.


Jo: He's standing quiet.
Escalante: The horse?
Jo: The horse.
Escalante: Yeah. Good.

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