You want to know how I feel? Today's the day they take it all away from us.


Brandon: How about Gus was stepping out looking to make a peace between us that you're just not ready to make. How's that for a reason?
Ace: How about half smart is worse than f**king stupid?
Brandon: Me you're referring to, or Gus?
Ace: Whatever shoe works!

Ace: You told him he's ready.
Escalante: Your Spanish is muy bueno. Except I told him I'm ready.

Ace: The first thing we're gonna do when we own this place, once a month we give a horse away.
Gus: A horse away?
Ace: I don't know the details - how and what - but we'll have a drawing. Anybody who comes down here can win a horse - theirs. We pay the upkeep. As long as they come out and see it.

Mike: I've heard you've had a busy day.
Ace: Nothing I couldn't handle.
Mike: What a gift - the capacity to adapt. Don't you find it all diminished Ace, as time begins to reel us in?

Renzo: What's the story with us?
Marcus: Well, I suspect in the long run, the story is we all go broke!

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