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The truth is, I wanted her to die.


If I'd known they were that good, I might not have asked them to join the stage with me.


Should's not the right word when it comes to music.


Deacon's having a birthday party? What are they doing a public screening of Old Yeller?


I'd love to forget about my past but it ain't gonna forget about me.


Rayna: You're the guy with no strings attached.
Liam: No strings? We made half an album together. We're practically married.

Liam: What's goin' on with you? Why don't you just tell me?
Rayna: Oh, alright, let's see. My husband asked me for a divorce, and I have to go home and tell my children, which is going to ruin their lives. Deacon kissed me in an elevator and I'm on tour with Juliette Barnes. So, cheers.

I'm a friend, Glenn, and no matter what we do, she's gonna make mistakes. She's a young artist.


Yeah, it just feels right being with you. I mean, honestly, Peggy, it's the only time I ever feel like myself anymore.

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