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I'd prefer to take my chances with the homicidal maniac with the snake stick. Thank you though.


Alice: It's a place called Mimsie Meadows under the towering Tom Tom tree. It's a place where nobody goes.
Knave: With a name like that why would they, unless they were a Care Bear?

Tell the people that the battle to save Wonderland is about to begin.

The Red Queen

There's a thing called the front door, darling. You really should try it sometime.

The Red Queen

How can I go to sleep if you insist on thinking so loudly?


Robin Hood: You'd steal a pitchfork from the devil himself.
Knave of Hearts: And be out of Hell before he realized it was gone.

This is humiliating. I'm going to die like a bloody s'more.


So you're risking your life for someone who doesn't believe in you.


It's time to find out if you're a woman who's prepared to do whatever it takes to get what she wants or just a little girl with a stolen crown and nothing else

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