What's great about knowing? When you lift up a rock, do you find whipped cream? No, you find bugs. I say "no" to knowing.


While Olive contemplated how much she appreciated Digby paying attention to her when the Pie Maker would not - and Digby contemplated how much he liked salt - the Pie Maker contemplated what the punishment for breaking and entering would be with no prior convictions.


One of these dummies is not like the others.


Chuck: We'll cushion the blow.
Ned: Not a big fan of the blow.

Emerson: Rhubarb.
Olive: What's that mean?
Emerson: PI secret code for 'get me a damn slice of rhubarb.'
Olive: This isn't Pies r Us, Pie City ... this is a bells on the door, pies-baking, mom and pop place. We chit chat here. Chit!
Emerson: Chat!

Chuck: Isn't that what a PI is supposed to do, investigate? Isn't that the fun part?
Emerson: The fun part is counting my money in the bubble bath.

Did I say "can" because I swallow my consonants sometimes? Can't... N'T... come in.


Emerson: You don't know nothing about about her, except she had soft lips when she was 10.
Ned: That should be enough.

This is such a small cheese box.

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