Tom: Let me be you.
Karen: Great.

Jimmy: Friends?
Karen: Sure. Friends.

It's over, isn't it?


Julia: Why isn't anyone saying anything? Is it that bad?
Derek: No, it's that good. It is brilliant.

Julia: I need to hear it.
Tom: If it's bad, it's over.
Julia: If I don't hear it, I'll never know.

You cut me off and said "we."


We can't afford for you to stumble again and neither can your career.

Derek [to Julia]

Tom: I've never seen you cave before. And, it turns out when you cave, I like you even less.
Derek: I didn't cave. I came around.

"The Singing Bird" -- I thought the title was a metaphor, but no it's actually about a bird that sings.

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